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SARAGA International Grocery in Indianapolis, Indiana can be your home away from home or a new adventure.  We offer food from all over Asia, Africa, Carribean, Latin America, and the Middle East.  We provide a variety of produce, fresh and live fish, meat including Halal and every style of rice and rice brands you can imagine. We do have a large collection of kitchenware for all your need. Saraga also provide the MoneyGram facility to our customer and do have a variety of phonecards.

New Arrivals
Bocha Manti Eurocrem Danafria Fruit Cake Yogurt Smoothie
Dragon Fruit Persimmons Jardo Waffers Quince
Black Beans Pinto Beans White Hominy(6lb) Suavitel
99 Cent 99 Cent $2.49 $5.99
Instant Noodles Apple Fuji Yellow Onion Lime
$2.99 12pack 99 Cent/lb 99 Cent/lb 10 for $1
Beef Knuckles Pork Chops Boneless Breast Leg Quaters
$1.99/lb $.99/lb $1.49/lb $.99/lb
Masoor Dal Tandoori Nan Jasmine Rice Vimto
$1.99(2lb) $1.69 $34.99(50lb) $12.99(12pack)
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